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21 Best Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles

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Shoulder-length bob is a classy, ​​modern hairstyle that unites all women from all over the world. How? Well, everyone is familiar with it: once you feel like changing your life, close your eyes and see bob in the mirror when you open it. It is not surprising. Your haircut is a big change.

As for the bob hairstyle, there are a few things you should find out about this haircut, regardless of whether your short bob has become shoulder length or you have cut your long locks to medium length. Let’s see why Medium Bob is the most versatile cut ever: our flattering styling and color ideas work for every woman.

The blonde side of the middle bob hairstyle

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It doesn’t matter which new place you want to explore. Under no circumstances will you meet a girl with blonde hair. There are some things we call “classic” and you know what? This stylish idea combines two trends today: pale white blonde and bob hairstyles. Do you want to keep up with the latest fashion ideas? This blonde medium length bob is a must.

Shoulder-length bob with highlights

Credit photo: ellevangestel

What you should know about styling your medium hair length is that you have millions of styling options. And what every woman should know about bob hairstyles is that she doesn’t care about your hair color at all: she knows how to beautify every shade of the worldwide color palette. So it’s time for brunettes to vary their daily looks with these extraordinary blonde highlights. Moving your shoulder-length bob doesn’t hurt, does it?

Nice Wavy Lob

Credit photo: southmarksouth

If you are one of those indecisive girls who want to change something in their style but are hesitant to take the first step, just look at this picture! Long hair is certainly beautiful, but this length is much more vivid than any other. It looks like as soon as you look at these soft waves you will float away with them. With the help of curling iron, you can create beautiful, dynamic waves. Trust us, cutting your hair is an extreme change. Cutting your hair to shoulder length is a practical decision.

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