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23 Best Modern Haircuts & Hair Colors For Women Over 30

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If you are over 30 and looking for the perfect hairstyle, first of all, you should consider your lifestyle and know the answer to this question, “Why do I want to change my hairstyle?”. Most of the answers are only due to “boredom,” but you have to decide carefully when you’re in your thirties. In addition, growing up does not mean that there are only certain hairstyles for women over the age of 30. However, you shouldn’t prefer playful hairstyles as you did in your early twenties. This is where your lifestyle and career come in! If you’re a parent, you may need a low maintenance hairstyle that won’t bother you with too much care and products. If you have a career-oriented lifestyle and are too busy with your work, you can opt for a bob or lob haircut to save time in the morning. If you’re not both, don’t worry, I’ll give you tiny details to help you find your next straight hairstyle under this paragraph. 😊 So scroll down to get inspired by the best modern haircuts and hair colors for women over 30 that we have chosen for you.

Blonde Bob Hairstyles

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A blunt bob looks terrific. This hairstyle is absolutely versatile. You can also wear it directly or curly, with a center or a facet part. Blunt hair ends and the platinum blonde is what makes you appear younger.

Ash Grey Highlights

Not ready for a complete grey appearance? Ash grey highlights will shop you! This coiffure with darker roots and perfectly combined ash gray highlights might be awesome for ladies over forty. Plus, it’s going to intensify blue or green eyes nicely.

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